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Integrated Solutions

Kommander is a solution developped espacially for the police cars. It is made of the best rugged computer, connectivity, software, console available. The result is a safe, ergonomic and simple to use police car.

Outfitting equipment

Getac, Motion, SUNNIT, XPlore Tech, iKey, Attobus, General Dynamics and Panasonic.

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Outfitting equipment

Progard, Gamber Johnson, Havis, Federal Signal and Feniex.

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Wireless communication

AntennaPlus, Cybpress, MicroHard Systems, Sunit and Sierra Wireless.

In-car video

Gatac and Panasonic.

Wearable cameras

Getac and Zepcam.

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NetMotion, Radio IP and Genetec.

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Bell, Rogers, Cloud and TElus.

Custom products development

Cyberkar Systems

Designed to fit your exact needs! Cyberkar can integrate computer or display into different vehicles of your fleet. In those examples, we provided a mock-up of the integration of the equipment in a Tahoe and an ambulance. Contact us for more details.