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Our mission, our team and our realisations.

Cyberkar™ Systems is a Canadian company made of experienced professionals passionate and dedicated to helping emergency services, for whom they have the greatest respect. This level of respect and dedication comes from Cyberkar's™ 4 founding directors, who all have a police officer in their family or have worked in the police environment for most of their career. Cumulating more than 32 years of experience in the field of in-vehicle IT solutions for emergency services, Cyberkar's™ founding directors foresee a real need for an integrated IT solution dedicated to the police officers.

The facts are that police cars have more and more equipment, but they are getting smaller and smaller. Furthermore, the IT departments have many types of IT systems that aren’t always compatible. It became obvious that an integrated IT solution needed to be created. This lead in the reduction of the police car's protection buffer zone, resulting in a threat to police officers’ ergonomy and security. Because it is a mission critical IT system, it has to be easy to maintain with the lowest downtime possible. Finally, the fleet managers need fleet telemetry data and tools to make a better situation analysis and take the best fleet management decisions. Cyberkar™ Systems' four founding directors saw a real need to integrate the product, softwares and infrastructure available on the market. Furthermore, they decided to develop an IT solution dedicated to the police officers and optimized to help emergency services better serve and protect citizens.

  1. Cyberkar™ Systems' mission is to help emergency services  better serve and protect citizens.
  2. To achieve this, Cyberkar™ Systems develop and integrate information technology solutions for emergency vehicles that simplify the user's tasks, are ergonomic, and reliable.
  3. Cyberkar™ Systems' vision is to be the leader in the areas of comprehensive in-car IT solutions for law enforcement in North America.

GETAC Products

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